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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Living Members

I started this blog because I agreed to do a presentation for the Phelps Genealogy Club on "Exchanging and Sharing Information with Caution & Networking". As I work on this and read about different ways of advancing your research (the networking part), I find my self coming up with more and more ideas of ways I can advance my research. I know that whenever you teach and/or put together a presentation you learn more about the topic.

I believe I may create a few more blogs for different branches I am researching and use this one to deal with the family members I know or knew. I love the idea that you can use blogs use a journal. I think that's where I will go with this. I will be interested to see what kind of feed back I get on different family branches using different types of technology.

I started this project by creating a Facebook Group for one of my husband's lines. Having just learned the maiden name of his third great grandmother, Phoebe Shepard after a three year search, this line is exciting. She is a Mayflower Descendant. So the Gardiner Wait/Waite Family Research was created. It has a few members which I hope will become more active. 

We'll see where I go from here. Wish me luck!

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  1. Family history blogs are my favorites. I wanted to wish you as much fun as I have had creating a blog that tells not so much about my specific ancestors but how they lived, what they ate, the way they worked, etc. Over the last six years I have learned so much and it has made my Rhineland ancestors so real to me. After reading your posts, I think you are headed for the adventure your ancestors want you to have. Enjoy every minute of writing your blog. Your are off to a great start. Kathy