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Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Gifts

What Christmas gifts last? I was thinking today about all the gift's that me or my kids have been given over the years. Which ones do we still have or do we remember? What has been handed down and treasured?

The wooden rocking chair that mom gave Shara, Kaiden now enjoys it. The cradle dad made me when I was little, it's in the attic, I need to get it down and take it back to him so the legs can be fixed. I would like to do that and have it for the kids to play with when they come. The Easter dress that my grandmother crocheted for me with the orchid coat to match. The desk and the play house dad made us. I wish I had that play house still.

I wonder what my kids remember the most? Maybe I am selfish, but I hate spending money on things just to have them discarded. I want to give things people will want and love.

I started doing a yearly book of pictures from the year before for my kids and dad. Some of my sibling make fun of me but I think the kids and dad really enjoy them. I am thinking about getting an extra one each year for each grandchild, then for their wedding or maybe college graduation give them the whole set. One for every year of their life. I wonder if they would like that?

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